torn between wanting to watch the vampire diaries because i wanna see stefan and wanting to avoid it because just about everything else really fucks me up

How to Get away with Murder was great!!!

"I do love her. But you see, I could never love anyone the way I loved you. I always thought it was because the love I had for you was the strongest kind of feeling my empty heart could ever feel. But then I realized that the love I had for you hurt. The love I had for you intoxicated my every blood vessel and felt like my skin was always ripping to shreds. The love I had for you was pain; it was a beautiful pain, but it was still pain. But I love her, I love her and I don’t hate that about myself. I love her and she makes me wake up with a smile after dreaming about her, she makes me feel like I’m on fire, but in the best way possible. You see, she makes me feel like love isn’t so bad after I never wanted to love again after the shit you put me through. You made me think that love was hell, and she proved that wrong; she makes me think that love could be paradise. You made me believe that I couldn’t live a moment unless you were right beside me. She makes me believe that I don’t ever want to leave this world as long as someone like her exists on the same planet, under the same sky, because that was always enough. She makes me happy to be alive, and you made me dread every breath I took."  - n.h.s [percussionhearts] (via percussionhearts)

(via percussionhearts)

"I like to think that one day, we’ll find each other again. One day, when we’re different people, and we’re not as broken; perhaps in a coffee shop, or in a small town, where no one knows our names, we’ll bump into one another, our gazes will meet, and everything will make sense again."  - (253/365) by (DS)